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for Treating Cerebral Aneurysms

There has been considerable progress in aneurysm occlusion devices, but there are still challenges in the occlusion of irregularly-shaped (e.g. non-spherical) aneurysm sacs.   Current intrasacular devices may depend on specific placement, require multiple devices, or require supplemental coiling to occlude an irregularly-shaped aneurysm.  Aneuclose has been working for several years on device designs which include a resilient wider-than-neck (proximal) neck bridge and a flexible sac-filling (distal) net which may occlude even an irregularly-shaped aneurysm with a single device.  The following are product concept videos reflecting this work.  These devices are not approved for use by the FDA or CE mark.

Janjua Aneurysm Net plus Bridge -- intra-aneurysm device with a resilient wider-than-neck (proximal) neck bridge portion and a flexible sac-filling (distal) net portion. 

Janjua Aneurysm Net -- intra-aneurysm device intended primarily to embolize narrow-neck cerebral aneurysms

Aneurysm Occlusion Saddle -- endovascular parent-vessel device intended primarily to occlude wide-neck cerebral aneurysms

Disclaimer: These products are not yet approved by the FDA 
and are not available for patient care.

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