Aneuclose LLC: New Technologies 
for Treating Cerebral Aneurysms

Aneuclose has an intellectual property portfolio of nine devices to treat cerebral aneurysms. These devices can help to provide new options for treating cerebral aneurysms that address the limitations of current methods of aneurysm treatment.  These devices include: intra-aneurysm embolization devices; endovascular parent vessel aneurysm occlusion devices; and novel surgical aneurysm clips.  Among these nine devices, the three that are furthest developed at this time are: 

Janjua Aneurysm Net -- intra-aneurysm device intended primarily to embolize narrow-neck cerebral aneurysms

Janjua Aneurysm Occlusion Saddle -- endovascular parent-vessel device intended primarily to occlude wide-neck cerebral aneurysms

Vasospasm-Inhibiting Aneurysm Clip -- surgical aneurysm clip that not only blocks blood from leaking from an aneurysm, but also reduces the chances of vasospasm and stroke from blood that has already leaked

Disclaimer: These products are not yet approved by the FDA 
and are not available for patient care.

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