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The Aneuclose LLC management, research, and investment team includes: 

Tariq Janjua M.D.:  Dr. Janjua's clinical experience includes being the Medical Director of a Neurocritical Care Medicine unit.  In this leadership role, he cared for brain injury and brain surgery patients in an ICU that is specifically designed for neurological care.  Dr. Janjua is one of less than than 100 physicians who have become board-certified in Neurocritical Care.  He is also board-certified in Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine.  Journals in which Dr. Janjua has published include the Journal of Neurosurgery, the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, and Surgical Neurology.

Robert Connor, Ph.D.:  Professor Connor, a graduate of Princeton, Duke, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, is a serial entrepreneur and inventor.  Professor Connor has taught courses and conducted research in the health sector for over twenty years, including courses on product development (including prototyping) and medical technology (including assessing unmet clinical need and market potential).  Dr. Connor also served on the Health Care Technology Decision Sciences Study Section of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and has been the Principal Investigator on competitive federally-funded research projects. 

Peter DeLange, M.B.A.: Mr. Delange was the CEO of Devicix, a leading contract medical device engineering and product development firm in Minnesota that provides research and commercial development services to established and early-stage medical devices companies, as well as to physicians and researchers seeking to bring their own ideas to market.  

Mark Knudson, Ph.D.:  Dr. Knudson has extensive executive experience in the medical technology sector and served as a partner of an early stage venture capital firm.  Dr. Knudson received the Ph.D. degree in physiology from Washington State University and a B.S. degree in biology from Pacific Lutheran University.  He holds numerous United States patents.

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