Vasospasm-Inhibiting Aneurysm Clip

In addition to new endovascular options for treating cerebral aneurysms, Aneuclose is also developing new variations on surgical options.  This work includes a patent-pending "Vasospasm-Inhibiting Aneurysm Clip."  Such a clip may prove useful for inhibiting vasospasm and stroke from blood that leaks from a cerebral aneurysm.   It should be noted that this clip is currently only in the developmental phase.  Empirical research is required to ascertain whether this clip is actually effective in inhibiting vasospasm and stroke.   This clip is not currently approved by the FDA for patient care. 

The "Vasospasm-Inhibiting Aneurysm Clip" is an implantable clip that is attached to the exterior of an aneurysm or to the exterior of some other portion of a blood vessel wall.  This clip not only blocks blood from leaking from the vessel, but it also elutes (or otherwise emits) an emitted substance to prevent or treat vasospasm due to blood that has already leaked.   For example, this clip may elute magnesium.  A magnesium-eluting aneurysm clip can block the causal chain from cerebral aneurysm to ischemia and stroke.   Without requiring a larger tissue opening or additional surgical time (since the neurosurgeon is already deploying a clip), a magnesium-eluting aneurysm clip may not only stop blood from escaping out of the aneurysm, but also help to prevent vasospasm from any blood that has already escaped. 

A neurosurgeon may be able to achieve long-term therapeutic levels of topical administration of magnesium on the exterior of the affected vessels without the risk of a larger opening or longer operation.  This can be a considerable advantage over traditional aneurysm clips, over intravenous or oral administration of calcium antagonists, over short-term topical administration of calcium antagonists, and over time-consuming insertion of multiple boluses of nimodipine in different locations throughout the surrounding brain tissue.

Disclaimer: These products are not yet approved by the FDA 
and are not available for patient care.

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